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Although the Zepter Gallery had no separate publishing activity at the beginning, and was not registered for that, it initiated a very important series of books. Apart from the usual catalogues, posters and invitations for every exhibition, in cooperation with the Publishing House CLIO, and its ARS figura edition, the Gallery has printed each year a book of selected essays, studies, critical reviews, catalogue prefaces, etc. by one of our renowned art critics or artists engaged in art criticism. Based on these books the Gallery organized its annual projects: one book – one exhibition pairing artworks with the texts written about them. The Gallery was opened with such a project in April 1994: the first book in that series and the accompanying exhibition were dedicated to the essays by Stojan Ćelić published as The Destiny of Sculpture. Fourteen books have been published and the ZEPTER  MUSEUM will continue the same practice.

Andrej Tišma

Likovni puls epohe, 2021.

(The artistic pulse of the era)

Price: 1500,00 RSD

Stojan Ćelić

Sudbina kulture
(The Destiny of Sculpture),

edited by Ivana Simeonović Ćelić, 1994.

out of print

Marija Pušić

Bogatstva vizuelne stvarnosti
(The Resources of Visual Reality),
edited by Ivana Simeonović Ćelić, 1995.
price: 600,00 RSD

Dragoslav Đorđević

Slikarstvo poetske figuracije
(The Painting of Poetic Figuration),
edited by Jovan Despotović, 1996.
price: 600,00 RSD

Zoran Pavlović

Prostori oblika i boje
(The Expanses of Form and Colour),
price: 600,00 RSD

Aleksa Čelebonović

Povest o vizuelnom
(Stories of the Visual),
edited by Ivana Simeonović Ćelić, 1998.
price: 600,00 RSD 

Živojin Turinski

Ogledi o poimanju slike
(Essays on the Comprehension of Paintings),
edited by Ivana Simeonović Ćelić, 1999.
price: 600,00 RSD

Irina Subotić

Od avangarde do arkadije
(From Avant-garde to Arcady),
price: 700,00 RSD

Ivana Simeonović Ćelić

Boje vremena
(The Colours of Time),
price: 700,00 RSD

Ljiljana Ćinkul

Čuvari umetničke tajne
(The Keepers of the Artistic Secret),
price: 700,00 RSD