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On July 1, 2011 the ZEPTER MUSEUM celebrated its first birthday. Over twenty thousand art lovers from the country and abroad visited the MUSEUM in one year. Dedicated to permanent innovation, the ZEPTER MUSEUM marked this festive occasion by opening for the public its Library with video archives and the Pastel Room.


The Library with video archives is intended to be, and has already become, an important documentation centre with extensive material on the art of the period covered by the museum collection.

The Pastel Room shows pastels from the collection and further acquisitions for the Museum will pay special attention to this technique.

In the meantime, the ZEPTER MUSEUM has acquired a number of artworks and they will be presented soon at the exhibition RECENT ACQUISITIONS in a new gallery space, adapted to suit the forthcoming projects of the Museum. One purchase, a painting by Mileta Prodanović,  has already been displayed for the launching of the monograph study on the painter, held in the Museum on June 28.