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     The making of an art, and particularly museum, collection is a serious and responsible task. Such a responsibility and great pleasure was taken on by the Zepter Gallery in the 1990s; it was the beginning of a collection of artworks that would later make up the initial fund of the ZEPTER MUSEUM. The purchase of art did not stop with the establishment of the Museum - our desire is to present an objective overview of the visual art scene in Serbia in the second half of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the new millennium.

     The ZEPTER MUSEUM collection has been constantly enlarged. We entered the MUSEUM with a collection of 340 works, while today, with the latest acquisitions of 2017, we have reached the number of about 510 artworks. I insist on „about“ because the Museum depot contains numerous diptychs and triptychs classified under one inventory number although frequently each part could be a separate work. In 2017 the collection was enriched by new artworks, such as: two pastels by  Marko Čelebonović (one purchased and one gifted after the exhibition held in the ZEPTER MUSEUM in 2017); an exceptional work by Tomislav Kauzlarić (there are already several in the collection); two sculptures by Gordana Kaljalović Odalović (purchased at the magnificent exhibition BOOK OUTSIDE THE BOOK, National Library, December 2016 - March 2017); two collages by Jelena Trpković (purchased at the exhibition in OZON Gallery, 2017); a painting by  Đorđe Andrejević-Kun (his first painting that enters our collection); a number of works by Majda Kurnik: one purchase, Self-portrait, and gifts: 29 small format drawings, two pastels, two pictures on glass, a small wall-cabinet with a painting; three works by Miodrag Ristić (one purchase and two gifts from the exhibition in the ZEPTER MUSEUM, 2017); a coloured drawing and a print by Nevenka Stojsavljević (purchased in the studio), a print by Živko Đak and a drawing by Tafil Musović (gifted by Milanka and Branislav Todić).